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Posted by Alice Bradley and Eden M. Kennedy on Jun 18, 2010 at 7:24 pm in Babies, Latest News

Even two rigidly scientifical types like us enjoy exploring the outer limits of our sanity, which is why this week’s update is all about astrology. As fans of the Reagan administration well know, astrology is the art of deciphering the stars’ influence in our lives. Having a crappy day? It might not be hormones, or your untreated diabetes, it could be the fact that a comet is speeding through the outer edges of our galaxy, inflaming Uranus! So this week we put on our astrophysical expert hats and wrote up some very interesting information about what to expect when the zodiac gets mystical all over your baby. It’s kind of just for fun, but maybe there’s actually something to it! We don’t know for sure. Maybe you should have your blood sugar checked just in case.

Yours enigmatically,
Mrss. Bradley and Kennedy

November 7, 2009, It’s Time to Stop Yelling!

Posted by Eden M. Kennedy on Nov 7, 2009 at 12:18 pm in Babies

Recently, The New York Times ran an article claiming that shouting is the new spanking. Here at Let’s Panic About Babies!, we believe that passive-aggressive acting out toward your child is the new spanking, and we’re here to teach you how to get your message across, whatever that message may be. Baby needs to learn that it’s not all about her! Mommy and daddy have needs, too.

Now go fix mommy a drink.

August 28, 2009, How About a Little Historical Context?

Posted by Alice Bradley and Eden M. Kennedy on Aug 28, 2009 at 9:30 pm in Babies

After an unexpected hiatus last week — Alice was barricaded on a beach somewhere fending off the attacks of feral children, while I slaved away at a surprising variety of meaningless and soul-numbing tasks — we are back with more scientific and doctorly advice for the pre-pregnant, the post-pregnant, the pseudo-pregnant, and whoever else is left with a working ovary. We also aim to inform those who find all three classes of human, as well as their tiny offspring, amusing. (From a distance.)

First off the bat, we aim to educate you in the history of your predicament with a little post we like to call Pregnancy Through the Ages. Finally, the life-changing perspective you needed on the difference between Sumerian and Minoan birth goddesses!

Our other big release is a two-part guide to forcing — uh, we mean peacefully and responsibly teaching your child to sleep independently. Part one reveals our soon-to-be-patented step-by-step guide to getting your baby down for the night. Part two, which we’ll publish next week, is a simple one-step method for ruining your life. It’s your choice!

Drs. Bradley and Kennedy