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October 7, 2009 It’s Time to Have a Little Fun

Posted by Alice Bradley and Eden M. Kennedy on Oct 7, 2009 at 1:42 pm in Surprise!

Yes, we’re having a CONTEST!

Do you have a most embarrassing parenting moment? Of course you do. Would you like to share it with us? And then have everyone on the Internet laugh at you for the rest of your life? SOUNDS GREAT, I KNOW!

Describe your worst, most panic-filled, but-everything-came-out-OK-well-at-least-no-one-DIED parenting moment — bonus point for photos* — in 150 words or less and e-mail it to [email protected] by October 31, 2009. The winner will receive a PANIC KIT! that includes fire extinguishing spray, a photoelectric sensor smoke alarm, a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm, and several other safety items from the generous folks at First Alert.

The winner will also have their story published on lets-panic.com. Anonymously, if necessary.

Void where prohibited. Wherever THAT is.

*Points rescinded for photos of anything that came out of your baby’s back end. No, really.