Sixth Month: You Think You Can’t Possibly Get Any Bigger. Hilarious!

What’s that baby up to?

Your baby is now around twelve inches long and has eyelashes and eyebrows! No kidding! Baby is also kicking and stretching, and possibly even hiccupping. Some fetuses do that more than others—it depends on how much liquor you’ve had recently. Baby is also practicing opening her eyes and staring at her dark, aquatic universe. She probably figures it will be like this for the rest of her life. Baby is in for a big surprise.

Here’s your baby!

Aw wuzza wuzza

Would you have guessed?

Have you encountered a surprising dampness in the pants area whenever you chuckle at a Ziggy cartoon? Good news: you’re not in early labor! You’re just peeing on yourself. This happens because the baby is pressing on your bladder, or because Nature wants to shame you into staying home, where you can dust Baby’s nursery furniture and read birth stories on the Internet.

Things that will nauseate you...

...during your first trimester:

Hair, the musical

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